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Heat-Pump Air Conditioner

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Heat pump system, hybrid type with solar

Kangnam has developed the Korea's first Heat pump system.. hybrid type with solar registered patents. which is perfectly combined with the solar and heated air and it is aimed at popularizing the use of green energy.. increasing energy efficiency as a next generation of multi..junction device.

Our energy revolution product is to accomplish heating.. cooling and hot water using the solar thermal and heat pump simultaneously and offer a multi system that contributes for building a ecofriendly house.


Heat pump system, hybrid type with solar

System applicable place

  • It is possible to use wherever heating, cooling, hot water is required as the huge amount of hot water required facility, a public building, school, factory, dormitories, hotel, residential place, swimming pool, green village, town hall.
  • Solar collector should face south and avoid the place affected by shadows or shade.


Model Name KNA-03AW KNA-05AW KNA-10AW
Cooling capacity W/H 8,400 14,000 28,000
Evaporator Type Type Pin tube type
Fan W 60W x 6P x 1 200W x 6P x 1 230W x 6P x 2
Air flow CMM 85 140 280
Heating capacity W/H 9,600 16,000 32,000
Condensor Type Type Plate-type heat exchanger(brazing heat exchanger)
Temp. cold water °C 12-7
Temp. hot water °C 50-55
Compressor Type Scroll type
Feed hot / cold water pump water flowrate
(Cold water/hot water)
LPM 30 50 100
Head m 4.5 10 22
Outlet W 40 80 550
Pipe size A-type mm 20 25 32
High Temp. point of 8-type mm 15 15 20
Rated operation Kw 3.4 5.4 10.9
Power phxVxHz Single Phase 220V 3S x 380V x 60Hz
Refrigerant   R-410,407 R-134A R-22 and mixed type refrigerator
External dimention length mm 890 1,250 1,504
Width mm 500 500 758
Height mm 850 995 1,660
weight Kg 60 80 360
Storage tank(hot water) Liter 500 1,000 1,500
Storage tank(cold water) Liter 300 300 600