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Solar Vacuum Tube

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Solar Vacuum Tube

Enjoy your upgraded happiness with kangnam valve solar water heater which is made by the new high technology.

Double titanium glass-lined coating

Its corrosiveness is high and exhaustion level is high due to the application of high solidity of titanium distributed compounded materials.
In addition, though the 'titanium-powder-mixed' glass lined coating inside the tank, we prevented corrosive environment of tank and designed to provide clean water.

High density urethane foam insulator

high density urethane foam insulator, compare to general insulator such as glass fiber or Styrofoam, has twice much insulating effectiveness, therefore users can restore saved warm water without loss, and use the warm water when it is needed.

Stainless platform

In contrast to the existing iron platform, we applied light-weighted stainless material on platform. Therefore it is light, but has high solidity.
In addition, it has high compatibility with interior design, so it increases residents' overall elegancy

Application of high efficient valve

the function of energy collector of solar water heater, which transforms solar energy into heat, is a important quality factor. Kangnam valve heat collector provide energy without any loss by minimizing insulation loss. Especially, selective absorbing coating section has over 93% of energy absorption rate, and less than 6% radiant heat, which is considered high tech heat collector. Therefore it has the best performance.

Pressure-oriented water heater

Pressure-oriented solar water heater maintains fixed amount of water pressure, therefore users can use abundance of warm water.
In addition, by the ideal design of the tank, users can always have warm water regularly.
※Limited to pressure-oriented model

Sectional drawings of valve and tank

category contents
heat collector external diameter of outside glass cylinder
external diameter of inside glass cylinder
absorption rate(α)
radiation rate(β)
heat exchange method
thickness of outside cylinder
pressure capacity (hail)
58Ø x 1800㎜=24 pipe
≥ 93%
≤ 6%
heat pipe
≤ 25㎜
tank MODEL
usage method
corrosion resistance
restoration capacity
480Ø x 2358
Using number of people 5 person
practicable hot water 300l/day

Quality Comparison

items contents Kangnam products Other similar products
Durability of collector
(durability of heat pressure)
general water pipes have weak durability of heat pressure during summer ★★★★★ ★
Durability of tank Kangnam's products are made of glass-lined double titanium, therefore the tank has outstanding durability. ★★★★★ ★★
Collection efficiency efficiency is almost identical absorption rate (above α=93%)
radiation rate, (less than β=6%)
absorption rate (above α=93%)
radiation rate, (less than β=6%)
Management convenience level Other general products do not operate when collector is damaged. ★★★★ ★★
Efficiency of warm water usage Other general products has high discrepancies between warm waters 95% above 60% below (heat exchanger)
users' convenience level other general products have low water pressure due to its open-design ★★★★★ ★★
service/ management Kangnam is the leader in Korean solar industry. ★★★★ ★★★
Electricity safety Certification must be acquired in order to use electricity It acquired safety certification in electronic.
(general electricity)
Disapproval of electricity usage