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Industrial Electric Boiler

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You can reduce heat expenses dramatically. (50% of the boiler oil usage)

  • It is extremely economical due to its low maintenance expenses, 50% of oil boiler
  • Since electricity is used, it is easy to manage. Also users can enjoy refreshing indoor environment - since there is no ignition.
  • Users can have warm water and heat system from one product.
  • MYCOM style High tech control system
  • It has diverse safety equipments such as electricity leakage detector, double prevention system of overheating, prevention function of pipe explosion.
  • High durability due to its corrosion preventing materials

Kangnam industrial electric electric boiler has plenty of uses

  • if it is economical and convenient in area where industrial electricity is used. It can be used in dormitories, rest area, pen, fisher farm, flower farm, kindergarten, commercial shops, or factories where warm water is needed.
  • It can be useful in places where immense amount of warm water is needed because 240/1,000 liters of warm water is restored inside of collector and it has ability to heat water quickly.
  • Users can maintain delightful space if the product is installed in a closed section. In addition, it can also placed where exhaust pipes cannot be easily placed.


model name KNB-240C(5KW) KNB-240C(10KW) KNB-240C(15KW) KNB-1000C(15KW) KNB-1000C(30KW) KNB-1000C(45KW)
size 630(Φ) x 1435(h) 1010(Φ) x 1660(h)
weight 100㎏ (Net W.T) 100㎏ (Net W.T) 100㎏ (Net W.T) 235㎏ (Net W.T) 237㎏ (Net W.T) 240㎏ (Net W.T)
rated current 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V 3 phase 380V
(operation part 220V) (operation part 220V) (operation part 220V) (operation part 220V) (operation part 220V) (operation part 220V)
heating capacity 4,300 Kcal/hr 8,600 Kcal/hr 12,900 Kcal/hr 12,900 Kcal/hr 25,800 Kcal/hr 38,700 Kcal/hr
pyong 13pyong 25pyong 40pyong 40pyong 80pyong 120pyong
heating rate 17±5°C/hr 35±5°C/hr 53±5°C/hr 13±5°C/hr 26±5°C/hr 39±5°C/hr
ability to heat water quickly 13,000 Kcal/hr (@60°C)
product efficiency 97%
safety equipment electricity leakage prevention, overheating prevention, low-water alarm system